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DERAIL YOUR MIND THIS SPRING… DERREN BROWN’S GHOST TRAIN Derren Brown reveals first details of his world-first, groundbreaking new attraction for THORPE PARK Resort: ‘A Ghost Train reinvented for the 21st century’ ·         The man who manipulates minds creates cutting edge attraction at THORPE PARK Resort – is the UK ready for the master of illusion to play with their minds on a mass scale – and take theme park ‘thrills’ to a new, unexpected and terrifying level? ·         NEW attraction will open in Spring 2016 after over three years in development ·         Unique, world first new attraction promises to blow guests’ minds by fusing five multi-sensory experiences: grand illusion, live action, next generation technology, 4D special effects and physical transit ·         First look visuals released: revealing a seven tonne, 20 metre long, 4.5 metre tall Victorian train carriage suspended in mid-air – all is not what it seems ·         THORPE PARK Resort advise this attraction is not for the faint hearted – this is an attraction where the real and the unreal merge – and when you can no longer trust your senses or your judgement ·         12 possible journeys; 2 different endings ·         Will you survive a full 10 minute journey on Derren Brown’s Ghost Train? 

Staines Rd, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PN


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