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The Airship Heritage Trust

The Airship Heritage Trust was set up in 1985 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts and relatives of the original crew members. Over the last few years from its humble beginning the Trust has grown and worked very hard to where it is today, with it's membership of over 300 worldwide.

The work carried out by a dedicated band of enthusiasts can be followed in "Our History", which gives the full insight in to a lot of the little known trials and tribulations regarding how difficult the road we have traveled to get where we are today.

The Trust has Council which is a group of "next generation" enthusiasts, whom are younger than the original members but are just as enthusiastic about Cardington, the Airships and belonging to an organisation dedicated to protecting the history for the future

Many of the membership do not live in the Bedford area, however still help out in promoting the Trust with lectures and displays in their own locale.


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