The Look Out Discovery Centre

The Look Out Discovery Centre has over 90 activities suitable for children of all ages. Toddlers and younger children love the indoor stream, mini supermarket and particularly Built It! Older children through to adults will be fascinated by the hands-on science exhibits and puzzles. Entry prices are on our opening times and prices page.

Grab a chance to win a family ticket to the hands-on science and nature exhibition, just complete any of our evaluation forms and we will enter you into the prize draw.

Forces and Movement Zone

It’s time to lift off! Launch a hydrogen rocket or send a huge hot air balloon skyward. See the world suspended mid-air by our Bernoulli blower.

Body and Perception Zone

Challenge your body and brain. Test your reaction speed on Batak, or create an amazing design with our art machine. Can you solve the jigsaw of the human body?

Light and Colour Zone

Have some colourful fun with Optimusic - step on the colour beams as fast as you can. Capture your silhouette in the shadow box or play a tune with laser beams.

Woodland and Water Zone

Play with boats in our indoor stream. Learn some incredible facts about our local wildlife. Become fascinated by the colony of busy leaf-cutter ants. Please note that the Woodland and Water Zone is outside but under cover.

Build It! Zone

Become a member of The Look Out construction crew by helping to build the new house at The Look Out. Great teamwork is required. Use the rubble chute, wheelbarrows, design a house or drive the dumper trucks. Lots of fun. Please note that the Build It! Zone is outside but under cover.
The Look Out Discovery Centre
Nine Mile Ride
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