Activity World

Activity World is one of the longest established play area operators in the UK. Having opened the first site in Hatfield in 1991, the company did develop ten sites, most of which were franchises. Over the years some of the sites closed, and some changed ownership and name, so now the only site being operated as Activity World is located in Peterborough.
This site has been in running now since 1996, and in that time there have been many changes. Regrettably in 2005 we had to close our large outdoor park but we have a policy of continual development, so plans are in place for new attractions in the future. As well as operating sites, Activity World has built up a wide range of services for the leisure industry and these are continually changing. We endeavour to make sure the website is up to date, so please check to see if there is anything we can help you with.
Activity World also has a sister businesses called Apricot Penguin, which does software development and creates websites and has developed the Wacky Snaps machine.

General Play Area Information and Enquiries
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Activity World Ltd
Padholme Road East
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General Enquiries, Party & Group Bookings, Employment Enquiries, Accounts and Marketing
9.30am - 4.30pm (extended up to 9.00pm if private hires in) every day
01733 558774
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01733 558272


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